4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
OEC International Winch Challenge
Bampton, 5th May 07
The OEC International challenge took place at their Bampton site on Saturday 5th May 2007. A good field of 15 competitors turned out on the day, including some new faces to 4x4 Adventures; David and Hilary from Southhampton, Bert and Craig from Wolverhampton, plus Richard and Connor from Essex.
Well for the first time ever we had a vehicle arrive for Scrutineering that had not only been back to blacked on the wheel arches but had also had its tyres polished up as well! Taz90 was a fantastic looking truck and very well prepared, although portals are not always that ideal unless theres deep mud! Richard was prepared to work the vehicle hard though:
There was a slight change to the setting up for this event. The aim was to make the punches generally easier therefore gearing them more towards the std and std+1 competitors. The modified teams now having to work on speed and team work with the aim of collecting a second punch card around lunchtime/early afternoon after fully completing the first card. The course was also set over a small area of the site with less emphasis on punch hunting.
There were unfortunately a few breakages and early retirements, Martin Gilpin had drivetrain problems on his tray backed Discovery for the 2nd consecutive weekend, Steve and Mark suffered from a broken halfshaft whilst getting into their second punch card, whilst Kris and Craig (winner from the last 4x4 Adventures event) suffered with front winch problems.
There were some commendable efforts put in by the remainder of the competitors showing that that slow and steady means you will be on the podium at the end!
A bit of a brothers feud developed between Martin and Derek in the late afternoon as both came closer to competing their 2nd punch cards and the pressure was on. Both were out for the first time with relatively new co-drivers.
Overall a fantastic day out with competitors working together at times to help each out as required. A special mention must go to Bob and Dawn for all their help to fellow competitors, for their efforts Anton kindly donated an OEC tree strop complete with hook and loop.
Thanks also go to the Marshalls for helping with the running of the event, David, Dave, Matt and Chris, your help was greatly appreciated, thank you.

Overall results:

Std - 1 aid (eg 1 winch, or 1 locker)
Paul Radford + George Mills

Std + 1 (Slightly Modified) - two aids (eg 2 winches, 2 lockers or 1 winch and 1 locker)
David Sawdon and Hilary Evans (Hilary's first time as driver - very well done)

1st Martin Hounsell - 80 punches, 1553hrs finish - 4665 pts
2nd Dereck Hounsell and Sarah Evans - 80 punches, 1603hrs finish - 4665 pts
3rd Steve Gittins and Mark Morgan 2265 pts - retd 1400hrs
4th Richard Wheeler and Connor Davis - 1198 pts
5th Martin Stainer and Alen Cousins - 660 pts
6th Mris Murphy and Craig Hope - 551 pts
=7th Bert Smith and Crig - 517 pts
=7th Grame Mitchell and A Lewis- 517 pts
9th Bob and Dawn Smith - 515 pts
10th Pete Mitchell and Jim Vincent - 317 pts
11th Tony Sheppard and Ian Sheppard - 269 pts

Retired (No score)
Martin Gilpin - 1130hrs

Please bear in mind that the scores were calculated depending on how many people achieved each punch, the fewer people who collected the punch the greater the value of the punch.