4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Stag Do, 4th Aug 07
An early morning start meant the Poole crew had camped over the night before and were there early ready for their days outing. A fantastic spread of vehicles made an interesting line up for a days off roading, a well prepared 90 with winch and decent tyres matched ability with a similarly equipped Orange Discovery. There was a good show of some well maintained series 2 and 3s and a 110 all shod with decent tyres and at the other end of the scale a new to us for off roading a 5.7L V8 Overfinched and lowered Classic Range Rover on road tyres!

With two convoys of 4 vehicles the group was split with the aim of meeting up for lunch and an afternoon in the quarry. The groups went there separate ways and were soon making the most of the site! Well the site soon made them work for their day out. It was quickly confirmed that the lowered Classic Range Rover would have to skirt around a few sections, and this was confirmed when it became stuck on the access track to the first site! It also popped a rear spring later in the day, although this was quickly remedied! As the day progressed the drivers soon came to appreciate the tricky terrain and learn some respect for it, the guides recovery vehicle and winch coming into use a fair few times to help those struggling with traction!

After the group lunch break and a chance to reflect on the morning the groups were given the option of how to split with the more 'Adventurous' going off to try some winching sections whilst the remaining group tackled some of the gentler tracks in the area. With Three vehicles in the adventurous group progress was initially quick although some detours onto the trickier sections soon saw the second group catching and helping out as required.

Overall a cracking day with a lot of smiling faces at the end, the general conscientious being that everyone learnt a lot of new skills and managed to improve their own driving ability and confidence in their vehicle.

Please note that all the sections driven were optional with drive around options for those wishing to miss out certain parts. The day was run as a non teaching day with the emphasis on fun and learning the capabilities of your vehicle and yourself.

Some pictures from the event