4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wellington DRD and Recovery Tuition, 3rd/4th Nov 07
Over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th November 2007 Robin Watson and Kevin Bulter, with their respective Debbies joined us for a two day course. This covered recovery techniques on Saturday with an introduction to challenge driving theory in the afternoon followed by Sunday exploring the site on some of the routes used for the DRD.

Saturday concentrated on worst case scenario of one vehicle with no winch loosing traction and requiring recovery. This started with securing the vehicle before moving on to both Highlift and Tirfor recovery. Once these had been mastered vehicle mounted winches were brought into play and used in conjunction with driving some interesting and technically demanding sections to get the vehicles stuck in order to go through the self extraction processes using single and double line pulls whilst also incorporating changes of direction. Together with this advanced driving methods were introduced and put into practice as the routes became technically more challenging.

With the theory completed on Saturday, Sunday was to be the proving day and involved taking in some of the harder sections on the DRD routes whilst also talking through other sections. The route provided them with the chance to develop confidence in their vehicles and gain a better understanding of where you can get a vehicle to go. There was deep mud after short steeps drops followed by compound winch pulls through water of varying depths. This coupled with some good climbs and tricky vehicle manoeuvring required them to put into practice all the skills they had acquired and worked on the previous day. Co-driver confidence improved significantly as the day unfolded as a good understanding of the vehicles, and drivers, ability was gained. Winching confidence and side slope driving also showed great improvements as the day continued.

The overall quote of the day came from Kevin at the end of the session with 'I just can't get over what you can get a vehicle to do'. No truer words are rarely spoken, the party left with high hopes of future ventures out with their new found confidence not only in their vehicle and its ability, but also in each others and their own ability, whilst also being able to fully explore their vehicles potential.

Some pictures from the day