4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wellington Drive Round Day, 21st Dec 07
As you can see from the photos visibility wasn't the best, the Wellington site again being a little misty, something thats is becoming the norm. We even had snow/hail settling later in the day - which reminds me that I must get the heater in the 90 fixed before the next one!

A great turnout for the day with some old faithfuls returning, Tim Jones and Ben Proctor both coming back for a 2nd bout along with Jim Pugh in his Land Cruiser. Last time Jim has to fore go some of the sections due to his AT's and limited clearance, although now fitted some 33" MTs on Tuesday and then had the vehicle lifted 2" and a snorkel fitted on Thursday he was ready to take on the whole course! Sean Farrow, Chris Watts and Stu Killops both joined us for their first Wellington DRD. Sean was driving a very well prepared 90 with a great trick air suspension setup. Meanwhile Chris, a regular marshal at our events came along in his 110 to prove if you can do it in a 90 a 110 will get through as well - and prove it he did, although his steering certainly had a good work out! Stu came along in his lifted Discovery again sporting MTs and proved very keen to take on the terrain throughout the day. Jos Greenhow was back to the site again, having first completed some training with us a while back, he was here to give the DRD day a go. His 'bikini topped' 90 now being the most suited to the weather but with his new found confidence in his driving skills he had a cracking day out and showed us all where you can easily take a standard 90 on MTs.

As usual we started with some 'warm up' ascents and climbs along some nice open wooded sections. The ground was surprisingly dry considering the recent weather so one of the older climbs was brought back into play, however a little surface snow didn't help traction and some wisely took the decision to give it a miss - some not without trying first though. Sean made a fine attempt getting the furthest up without completing the climb while Jims 3T cruiser struggled with the ground conditions at the beginning so bailed out early. In fact Tim was the only one to clear the section - the advantage of a good eye for the ground, plus the combined effects of a V8 and lockers front and rear I guess!

We were soon back on track and round to a new section through the bottom half of the course with a boggy patch in the middle requiring a little more thought the further back you were in the convoy! Having completed the stage and making our way back upto the main field Stu had a bit of a charging problem and needed recovering from an axle twist after the engine died. Jump leads soon had him up and running again before we headed across to the technical sections - some selected bomb-holes in between some good trees with axle twists and short climbs and drops thrown in for good measure.

After some photos and a bite to eat for lunch it was down to Widecombe moor for some rut driving and ditch crossing before heading down to the river and the release pens for some slippery ascents up through the woods before heading off for the Quarry.

The Quarry has had a couple of new sections open up recently and the 'Brick road' section has had a drive round route added to it. There are some short steep technical drops combined with the old favourite 'side slopes' to keep everyone on their toes! Some sensibly opted out here. Further down in the main quarry a second descent has been opened up that again combines some good ditch crossings on it and a couple of corners to keep everyone's attention going. Once down in the main quarry Jim took this time to satisfyingly drive some sections that had caught him out last time on his AT's whilst Stu found the disadvantages of using a 100" between the trees and some of the axle twists! As ever help was on hand and many thanks to Tim for the use of his winch throughout the day.

Ben, again in his standard 90, had a great day with us although unfortunately counts as the only damage on the day when his timing belt snapped on the A30 on the way home - not what you want, but at least it waited until he was on the main road!

Some pictures from the day