4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Bampton Drive Round Day, 17th Feb 08
It was great to see some new faces and vehicles along for the day. Gary and Andy came down from Wales in Gary's new to him V8 pickup 90 (courtesy of Mark90) - very well prepared and well suited to the terrain Gary had an interesting day; some of the rut straddling definitely demonstrated a new technique that I have not seen to be employed on the sunken river bed section!

Jim Pugh with brother Tom and nephew Ollie were also along for the first time to Bampton in Jims' and Cruiser. Jim has attended several days with us at the Wellington site and now thought it was time to move onto the slightly harder (technically demanding) Bampton Site. To say he learn'd a lot and gained even more confidence in his truck would be an understatement! The cruiser in standard form with MT's and +2" lift was a great truck for the day - a definite way to travel in style and it took the terrain in its stride. Although there were a few more of those vehicle/steering wheel interface problems!

Mark Walford was back in his 90. The truck fully kitted out for Challenges is certainly well prepared and thank you Mark for helping with cruiser recovery as it was required!

The red V8 90 of Paul Radford was back for its second outing and Paul learnt a valuable lesson on driving the water sections - mainly its best to bypass them! Although he was soon up and running again and thankfully completed the whole day with us - maybe some work needed on the vehicle prior to the event on 23rd Feb! David Webber and son Edward joined Paul for the day with Edward in his role as professional photographer and he was also on hand to give Jim the advice he needed for the trickier sections.

Despite the -4 start to the day Jos still came along in the bikini topped 90, as ever wrapped up in more clothes than most of us possess! Jos has been into off roading for just under a year and has now done a fair few days with us. His Standard 90 is ideal for the site showing what can be done with some forethought and planning coupled with reading the ground - you don't need axle lockers and all the toys to have a good day. In fact they can make it too easy or less challenging whichever way you look at it!

Our thanks go again to Tim for his help on the day and advice to others, plus I am sure Paul would like to thank Gary and Tim for the long winch recovery out of his second water hole! Some V8 drivers just don't learn!

Some pictures from the day