4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wellington Pajero Day Drive Round Day – 31st Aug 08
Words by Jim Hancock

After taking part in one of 4x4 Adventures DRD's a few months ago where I was the only Pajero driver I was inspired to arrange a Pajero DRD as I had enjoyed it so much and learned a lot about my driving ability and my truck.

James Trembath was enthusiastic about the idea too and even prepared new routes through the Wellington site to cater for the varied levels of experience, vehicles and tyres that were likely to attend on the day.

The day started with a full English breakfast at a nearby 'roadside' to set everyone up for the day before travelling the last few miles to the RV point. After a briefing regarding the days activities, safety and the usual admin we set off to the lower site with a gentle drive through the trees to get everyone thinking and to assess their vehicle's turning capabilities in the very wet conditions.

The vehicles were placed in order to spread those on A/T's in between M/T's and put the relatively inexperienced drivers next to those of us who had already got the 'T' shirts!

The tight turns through the trees however threw up a couple of surprises - firstly just how much the approach on the right line and speed made - some drivers look as though they had been through the course many times and others having to make several 'shunts' to get through.

As we drove further down the site the mud got deeper, the vehicles and their drivers began to take more notice of the person in front them and started to think about their own strategy. If someone got stuck there was a debate from the rest of the guys as to how to approach the section - which is what the day was about - teamwork and discussion was beginning to take place.

As the mud got deeper so our trusty TDi driver Dave Harris became busier with his winch - we do enjoy his company too by the way!

One or two overzealous approaches caused some damage to a couple of trucks - a dented door and broken handle to Phil's TD5 - power on to early, and a bent bumper and wing on Simon's SWB Pajero - too much speed out of a muddy dip which his A/T's just couldn't handle so he slid off down to the ditch on the left and came to stop after hitting the hedge!

No one was hurt fortunately and everyone was able to continue on to lunch! Here Simon’s bumper was pulled out to clear his wheel on right hand lock - again thanks to Dave's winch. (Thank you Dave (again!)). I forgot mention I got stuck when I slowed down to say a few words to James when I should have maintained my momentum!

After lunch we returned to the top site for some axle twisters and steep descents where every one did exceptionally well - again learning from each other and their mornings experiences. Most sections were completed by all of the drivers except the final long descent where a couple of drivers with A/T's took the long way down to the bottom as grip on the steep slope would have been an issue. Even after completing the descent two vehicles managed to get hung up on buried stumps which previous trucks had uncovered or rutted the path over them despite gravity being on their side!

Back at the meadow everyone was smiling and enthusiastic about the day - even those who had not actually driven a vehicle!

So thanks to those participating Steve SWB Pajero with 33' Muds; Phil Land Rover 90 TDi 1'' Lift Cooper S/T's; Tom SWB Pajero (I couldn't add up how much lift! & A/T/s); Simon SWB Pajero A/T's; Dave Land Rover 90 M/T's and that winch and Jim LWB Pajero M/T's.

Thanks also to the co-drivers and everyone else who contributed by taking photo's and offering advice and encouragement throughout the day. We will be back!

The DRD was organised by Lanes, Tracks and Trials with members of Plymouth Pajero Owners Club (PLYMPOC). To join the club (membership is free) either email the club and/or visit the PLYMPOC events page where details of the clubs events, galleries and reports can be found.

Some pictures from the day