4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wooldridge Trophy 2011
Run by 4x4 Adventures Ltd in association with Goodwinch
Words by James Trembath and pictures by David Bowyer, Tomb Lamb and Andy Carter

The Wooldridge Trophy, conceived by Nick Anderson, planned and executed by 4x4 Adventures. This event combines three main elements. The traditional punch hunt, the latest desire to compete against the clock in Special Stages, plus navigational stages to bring us back to the grass roots of the challenge scene. In addition to the Wooldridge Trophy Silverware itself Nick put forward a £500 cash prize pot which was split £250 for 1st in each of the two classes (std and mod). David Bowyer from Goodwinch. com also kindly agreed to support the event and sponsored some of the stages providing prizes for the 1st to 3rd driver and codriver prizes in each class. We are exceedingly grateful for David’s’ help and support not only with the sponsorship but also being on hand over the course of the weekend with advice and spares/parts for those in need.

The event itself was a great success as the feedback on the various forums has indicated and some comments from the competitors are included below. The major contributing factor to making the weekend a success comes from the commitment and enthusiasm of the marshalls. Without their help and support the weekend would just not happen. Our thanks go to all of them for their dedication and joviality; David and Edward Webber (Winners of the Marshalls Draw), Jason Morgan from Nobbys Signs, Kevin Williams, Ian Hawes form Challenge South West, Steve Gooding, Mark Walford, Chris Watts from Delta , Jeroen and Ger Van De Hooft and Martin Harkness.

Some of the teams had their moments on the course, the night stage seeming to bring out the majority of problems for the co-drivers/navigators! Team 17 of Tim Jones and Mark Morgan suffered an ignominious exit from the event on the night stage when they first lost reverse gear (perhaps as a consequence of breaking all the engine and gearbox mounts earlier in the day), and then later popped a radiator hose. Up until then they had allegedly been going well and were on target for completing the stage in good time. There was a comment that: Jake crashing through the woods with his co-driver Matt walking in front holding a compass as they attempted to extract themselves from the night stage after getting hopelessly lost made excellent entertainment value. Thankfully we had had the forethought to offer the sage advice in the event of getting disoriented that one should head north until you hit the road! It would appear the night stage didn’t end with the end of stage either with Mark Morgan commenting: The whole atmosphere throughout the weekend was one of camaraderie and good natured ribbing with an excellent social gathering around the fine BBQ once again laid on by Philon P. Some of the competitors even undertook an impromptu wine tasting session with assorted cheeses. Needless to say agreement could not be reached on whether New World wines were better or worse than those from the old world meaning a follow up session at the next event seems inevitable.

Competitors view: Anthony Counsell

So Friday afternoon and is all is well, new truck picked up Thursday evening, loaded up, stored, and ready for departure Friday afternoon - well that was the plan. Got home at 2 no truck, no trailer, no co-driver....whats happening???? After a few quick phone call's and spates of desperation everything was fine, the truck was delivered to site so all I had to was turn up, via getting jerry can's off of Tim (thank you) and Fuel from the garage.

After arriving at site around 4 I was met with the usual friendly face's of a 4x4adventures event, rearing and ready to go - to the pub (which in itself turned out to be a challenging experience)! So after a few brief moments of embarrassment at the pub as Tim introduced us to the bar girl I was slightly infatuated with until realising she was younger than most of the trucks competing at the weekend, and some exceptionally good food, it was time to head back and get prepared to be awoken at 7 in the morning by the roar of a very economical Tarus (no names are to be used in this post Alex as your dad Phillon said he doesnt want everyone knowing the money from the bar b q is required to be paid, as this is needed to contribute to your fuel bill (ps Phillio thanks for the sweets/bribe dependant oh how you view it!!))!!!

So 7am, marshals are being tortured people are arriving, competitors are getting ready. Then WHAT! A Jeep pulls into the field, seriously (but thank god this Jeep used land rover spares!!), on a serious note though, it was good to see someone from the J33p (Wilo), and with Kevin Williams (a marshal) also supporting the Jeep contingency maybe we may see a new influx of competitors other than the buggy's and 90's (okay Jerry yes and your Suzuki)???

So drivers brief, little map of a big forest and that was it time for the off. 30 punches all in a row (with a further  20 opening at 1 pm). To be polite I would say an interesting array of punches, some easy, some easier. Yeah okay boys, who got 50? Although yes I was in std class, I definitely saw a few of the Modified boys, having an interesting time to achieve some of the punches, the sound of winches, locker solenoids, and revving engines kinda summed up the severity of some of the punches, especially with what was defined as a "bog". So one o'clock came and it was off to the quarry with some enthusiasm needing to take up punch scores, guessed i should have done the numbers 1-10 first! I don't recall the number but stuck on one punch for 1 1/2 hours due to some awful driving on my part! I can only apologise to the guy's stuck behind me, and thanks for the patients you displayed. So with a few punches down and the time nearing 4 it was time to head back and prepare for the night stage.

Wow, what a stage, this was my initial reaction after competing in James's night stage's previously, not this time! That's all I will say. Ok maybe a little more, I suppose I had better congratulate Nick Anderson at this point, pha I WILL THANK NEV at this point by keeping Nick in check and being the only team to successfully complete this stage through what I am told Nev's usual persistence and determination, although I believe 2 other teams were on the right track sadly they didn't finish for one reason or another. This stage was also the site for what I believe to be the first causalities of the Day Kevin Luxton in his 90 (which was pulled out Mark Gray and Martin Gilpin) and Wilo is his (what's is called) oh yeah Jeep, and Tim Jones with a gearbox failure? I heard Jake Lloyd from D44 had an interesting exit strategy?

So back to the camp site for one of Philon’s infamous Bar-B-Q's, thank you again, always a good show of food, and exceptional value for money at a fiver, I might have to hire you for a wedding!

Sunday morning, we were told we would be grouped in teams of 3, and we would have to complete 12 special stages throughout the day, 6 in the morning, 6 in the afternoon. I was teamed with Paul and Josh (you might remember him, he was the one who dressed as a girl at Interclub??) , Mike (the scary one) and the Angelic baby faced killer, also known as Mikes friend (or Eddie), what a group, laughed and joked all day. The stages were interesting, a mix of speed stages, tight stages, aspect of winching, or was that whining? DNF's, penalties, it was all going off! Especially the 4 stages where hitting a tree, any tree was penalised by a 100 points reduction! Personally I was subjected to this as I am great, but some of you did manage to complete the courses in time, I just received a DNF instead! I have to admit, with my new truck I did especially enjoy SS1 and SS7, these were speed sections, and it is surprising how fast you can go when you are flying -literally flying! I have never seen Mr Bowyer move so fast!

So job done, stages complete as well as I could, truck survived serious damage, I was happy with the punch score, so now it was down to James's easy to understand and explain points scoring. And my congratulations goes to Mr Hounsell and Mr Hunt, also Derek and Kimi their respective Co-Drivers, for the class and Overall wins!

A big thanks goes to James for organising the event, Nick and the Wooldridge Demolition Group for sponsoring the event, and putting up the prize's, David Bowyer from Goodwinch for co-sponsoring the event, and Philon from Buzz sweets for keeping us fed, but as always, a thank you is always respectfully given to James from 4x4adevntures for walking around a forest for 5 day's enabling us to have fun, so to all you guys once again.

But the biggest thank you, goes to all the marshals, as without you none of it would be possible, and James would just be keeping fit walking around the woods.

See you all next year!

Competitors view: Jake Lloyd - Devon 4x4

Firstly, thank you to James for putting on a great event, Wooldridge & Goodwinch for providing some great prizes and off course the marshalls. There was a nice selection of punches to get warmed up on. The night section wasn't to our strengths but we'll work on that! The Sunday SS's were great. We were grouped up with Nick & Nev, Mark & Martin who pushed us along nicely all day. Good banter and great team spirit so cheers to you guys for your help and support.

Competitors view: Jerry Hunt - Winner Standard Class

Firstly thank you to James for creating yet another top event. Its Tuesday and I’m still on cloud 9 really. I had a real blast at the weekend and a result above my expectations, I get such a buzz out of mixing it up with the big boys and to be on the heels of Nick, Nev (2nd overall) & Martin & Derek Hounsell (Overall Winners) dare I say, was a real surprise. Looking at the detail of the results it was really close. 4x4 adventures have succeeded hands down in creating surely the most enjoyable challenge event this year. Excellent venue, technical, easy, to difficult punch hunt, imaginative night navigational stage and 12 special stages offering climbs, falls, speed, technical driving, winching & bogs, which created such a great social aspect it made everyone feel part of the event. I’ve not seen that many enthusiastic marshalls at any challenge event yet, so they must have had a great time too!

The two day, three part event, at wellington offered a real treat. On Saturday 30 punches in the woods & deep bogs of the main site and a further 20 in the old quarry approx 1 mile down the road. Sat night tulips night stage across the road from the main site; 3. 5 k, 60 min DNF. The start was what I and plenty of others liked, a good fast take off along a slightly twisty track through the trees but then into a serious mud pit of misery I don’t know if anyone drove through it but I can say 1 competitor was in a whole lot of pain in there so much so that the truck stayed there all night until it could be recovered the following morning. Mr. Philon & staff treated us to a really good bbq with plenty of beer & banter. Sunday offered 12 sections with a 10 min DNF. Cars were grouped together in threes, which for drivers & co drivers, as well as marshalls, made the social side of the event even better, being able to chat & cheer or boo if you like made it great. Alot of varied sections with the emphasis being more on driving than winching. Some fast, some boggy, but something for everyone. Its my top event of the year, met some old faces and some new which is cool, i will be back for more and I’m sure this event will be on the "to do" list for plenty of teams next year.

Competitors view: Simon Crowe - Whitbread Buggy

Fantastic weekend! Big thanks to all who helped, and laid out great sections (which ran on time!) One of the best events of the year, well worth the journey. Special thanks to our group members Jerry, Kimi, Philon and Dom we spent the whole day laughing and taking the piss out of each other, cant wait for the 'Beat Alex Challenge'!

Competitors view: Malcolm Whitbread - Whitbread Buggy

Thanks James for a cracking event Punches were spot on shame we had to retire due to melting fans and a slurry filled rad on the night nav. Sundays Special stages were a perfect mix of some winching and lots of speed although some run out of time to complete in 10 mins Max. Lots of banter and nice to have time to chat over the weekend. We will defiantly be back for next year Dare I say the DeCider has serious competition for best event of the year. Well done to Simon and Mike 3rd in Modified and Antony and Richard 3rd in Standard class Anthony is the new owner of Thug one only collecting it on Thursday

Competitors view: Will Overton - A jeep owners perspective

Our Wooldridge Demolition Trophy 2011 started on the Thursday 13th after work in the dark. A Friend of mine ‘Ski’ had kindly offered to come and be my WB for the weekend. Seeing as it was his first time at this kind of event we thought it prudent to get a little practise in with some basic commands and some hands on time with the intercoms and winches, so off we headed to one of the islands green lanes to have a little practice!

Brimming with confidence from our greenlane practice we set off to the shrill tones of the satnav lady telling us which way to head on our daunting venture down to Taunton. Other than the A303 being shut and a grumpy posh chap who had clearly had enough of lost satnav-ers disturbing his peace, we arrived fairly unscathed and set up camp.

Sat 15th

After an early breakfast, we headed over to scruitineering where I bumped into Kevin Williams, a fellow Jeeper who has been a long term 4x4 Adventures marshall. (and still waiting for that raffle prize, I believe!) Kev passed the Jeep and we headed off for some last minute preparations and to listen to the event briefing. Now if you haven’t been to one of James’ events before, it is surely worth your time and money to turn up just for the drivers briefing, as I jest you not, every last detail has been covered and the way in which the whole event proceedings and timings are surmised it is impossible not to leave knowing exactly at which point everything will occur. Gosh it was like being in the CCF all those years ago!

Saturday was to be a traditional punch hunt with an overall of 50 punches to be found, 30 in the ominous sounding ‘Culmhead Island’ region, and a further 20 in the equally worryingly named ‘Quarry’ which would be open after 1300hrs. Saturday night was to hold a traditional navigation section, a 3. 5Km section with a bunch of ‘Tulips’ to guide us, all to be achieved in 60 mins! This nav section was apparently to ‘bring us back to the grass roots of the challenge scene’, all new to us……

After assisting a chap in an orange Landrover Trayback fit his new Bowmotor 2, we trundled off across the field and into the wooded section, the’ Island,’ to start seeking out the punches. At the bottom of the inroad, the choice was left into a traffic jam or right into some claggy looking mud sections where we could see Mr Buzz (Philon Parpottas) getting fully stuck in with his freshly repaired Landrover. We elected to give that a miss and return when there weren’t so many ‘rockstars’ about! As it was there were a few punches directly around us and we decided to get ourselves warmed up on those, Green lane practice on a Thursday night now looked like a drive on a velveted lawn compared to this! Unfortunately for us the way James scoring is set out, the more vehicles that obtain a punch, the less it is worth, so for example if a punch was originally worth 200points but 4 cars managed it, then it would be worth 50 points and so on and so forth. With the entry list to the Wooldridge Trophy 2011 looking like something you would expect to see against a write up of the Croatia Trophy, we decided that it was time to up our game and try to find some harder punches.

We ended up at the far end of the wood where we were to find the higher numbers, 41-50. We comfortably achieved a punch straight up the bank and I was pleased with the response I got from the throttle of the jeep, power is not something we lack in, common sense, well that’s another thing!

So the next choice was into the bog at the end of the wood on the right, it was proper thick smeg and I knew that I would get stuck as soon as I drove in, anyhow I decided to ‘send it’ and see how far we got……about 2metres! Ski by this time was getting well used to the winch and strops and freespool and this and that and had seemingly flown across the bog and attached me to a tree, ‘Clear to winch’ was the command and in we screamed, anyone with a Gigglepin twin motored winch will know that familiar noise, its unmistakable! The winch was performing well after some re-wiring and terminal cleaning and I was growing more confident in using it. We debated whether to bother with the next punch which was further in the quagmire and we had already seen some top teams struggle to get back out from it, but heh you gotta be in it to win it right? So with the winch howling we were slithering our way towards it. Ski piped up “check that out ……OM. G”I looked round to see Mr Thug lite (Malcolm Whitbread) mid-air mid roll coming towards us down the bank, it finally settled on all 4 feet and drove off!! If ever there was a prize for Stig of the Dump...

Having achieved the punch we decided that rather than go the ‘standard deep mud’ route out, we would simply! reverse winch out by double lining my rear Bowmotor1 poweredEP9, I have every faith in this winch but, it is SO slow. By this time we had been caught up by something that is truly amazing to watch in action, Nick Anderson and Neville Hudd’s awesome portal axled 90. Where we had struggled and hummed and harred, seemed like an everyday walk in the park for them, in, 2 punches, bit of winching this way, bit of winching that way, wheels in drive, lockers in? and lets Foxtrot Oscar to the next punch. Hats off to you! And thanks for the comments about the Jeep!

Time was cracking on so Ski and I decided to head back for the tents, have a quick bite to eat and then head over, quick whilst no-ones watching to the quarry area and try and have a go before the wacky racers turn up.

We drove around past some pheasant feeders and eventually found a punch strung up in a tree near a big precipice, after fairly easily yet slowly achieving this punch, it dawned on us that we, I mean I, needed to lower myself down this vertical 12’ drop into a taped quarry section, with Ski in charge of what was occurring I double lined myself down into the hole of oblivion! Only to find that there wasn’t enough rope on the winch to get to the bottom... Back up, winch line off, off we go, we managed 3 out of I think 4 in this section, one of which was up a particularly steep bank which again the car and winch managed no problems, all confidence inspiring!

Then... Problem number 1... Grr, I had spent a fair while getting my Jeep ready for the ‘next’ event and had been fitting a new 3 core radiator and electric fan, I thought I had wired it in all ok, but it transpired that I had cut a few corners and not bothered to house the cables properly, which then wore through and shorted out cutting the fan out which made me overheat whilst winching myself out of the hole of oblivion. We cooled down and headed back to camp gently as it was nearly finish time. Rather than try to re-wire it I fitted the spare viscous that I had brought with me, refilled the rad and left it running, so all was fine and ready for the “Grass roots” Nav night stage...

Night Stage – 3.5Km’s Tulips

The start order for the night stage was determined by the positions achieved during the days punch hunt, to our amazement we weren’t last... just, behind us a team of Clive and Luke Billing, hmmm sure I’ve heard those names before, oh wait CT’11, that’ll be it!

So we started, about 30 yards up Ski remarks that he might of not pressed the right button on the GPS, Ho hum, I saw where they went, along here 150 metres, a few wiggles, turn right, big hole...apparently...as I was looking ahead I could see the standard class car of Kevin Luxton with a St Georges cross on the roof,stuck in what must be the hole, until ooph where’s the floor gone, the fronts dropped about 3 foot straight down and I can feel both back wheels off the ground, time to get the power on and get out, you gotta love that 4Litre straight 6! We nosey up behind Kev, and can see that someone is trying to pull him out forwards. I elected to come off the track and drive round. All the while poor Ski is trying to get some description of satellite reception and re –work out the overall metre count from where we are re-starting….

We allow the Billing’s to overtake us as they have the sacred ‘Brantz’ metre counter and decide to follow them, all the while we are trying to make the stupid tulips fit what we are seeing, only when we arrive at the finish does a little mini ‘Trem’ say in my head “if you are lost, then go back to the stage where you absolutely know where you are, or go back to the start and start again”

We tried a few times to find our way, but with no meter counter we were hopeless, we enjoyed the offroading in the dark though, oh how terrain can change when the lights are off. The 60 min DNF was looming so we decided to call it a night, head back to the tents and go and enjoy Mr Buzz’s amazing Kebab BBQ. Poor old Kev Luxton’s 90 stayed in that bog smeg hole all night as it was not recoverable that night.

As we arrived back at camp I was sure that something was not right with our suspension, in particular the LH side of the Jeep felt a bit low to me. Upon further inspection I found that the LHS rear shock had been ripped off its mounts and Oh no, my rear LHS spring was completely missing – not good!

Whilst chatting with the Billing’s at the BBQ, the question came up of whether a landrover spring would fit on the rear of a Jeep Tj as they had one spare. Led lamps in hand Ski and I went back to re-assess the situation and low and behold, a +2” landrover spring fits like a glove in the rear of a TJ and equates to a jeep lift of about +4-5” perfect…. Game on!

Sun 16th – Special Stages

Sundays 12 special stages had a fairly bright and bleary start of 0800hrs on stage, each stage had a 10 min DNF and we were teamed up with, as luck/fate whatever would have it Clive and Luke Billing.

I really felt that with the gruntyness of the jeep I could make up some places in the special stages and hopefully finish with a not too bad overall score... however...

We flew through ss2 run by Ian Hawes and Jason ‘Nobby’ Morgan, with a small winching section at the end not a bad time, could do better, ss3 run by Martin Harkness and Steve Gooding. I sent it too quickly in the first part and ended up in the wrong gear and ran out of power so ended up winching through the bog section which cost us a load of time. More Lessons learnt! SS4 was run by Chris Watts, upon arrival we found that the best time was 44secs! I tried, but ended up with a 1min21, too much shunting at the top where I thought I was gonna go over, Simon Crowe, you must have balls of steel, well done! On to SS5 run by Jeroen and Ger Van de Hooft, I’m sorry I don’t know which is which but one of them is the most enthusiastic little offroader I have ever met, lucky Dad! After a high pitched 3-2-1, we were off to a good start only to get messed up by the fallen trees which by now were as slippery as a slippery thing as their bark had been stripped. On to SS6 which was another up the bank then down the bottom round a tree and back to the finish all officiated by David and Edward Webber

The last SS before Lunch for us was SS1, run by fellow Jeeper Kevin Williams. A fantastic track down past a cheeky little corner through a bog,up over a hummock, round a tree and back to the finish. We had earlier watched Alex Parpottas in the ‘Haka’ hooning round the stage getting the fastest time of the day 1 min 19secs…. Ski and I had a small discussion whether to go for 4wd low or high, Low box won the day, after (annoyingly) too much shunting round the first tree, we were off, my foot was down and I was in 4th gear low ratio when we hit the mud section, smeg flying every where, it was great! Wipers on, wow it was like the rally of bogshire, then up the hill and over the ‘hummock’ which seemed to drop away to nothing, we landed hard... maybe too hard, but heh, crack on! We ended up finishing with a 1min 37 which left us with a very respectable 7th for that stage.

A little check under the car confirmed to me that our take off and landing was indeed a little too ‘enthusiastic’ and I had clean ripped off my front offside lower control arm mount... That was indeed the end of our event although Ski my now trusty WB tried to fix us with the use of some ratchet straps, but it wasn’t enough and as the front axle was threatening coming off we were forced sadly to retire during SS 9.

Overall we had a fantastic event, we were made to feel welcome and we met some new people and put names to faces. In my limited experience of Winch challenges, James Trembath’s 4x4adventures are of the most, well organised, dare I say it regimented events, one not to be missed off your calendar, whatever your level of experience.

Thanks to James and the marshalls, without whom the event could not have operated, and of course thanks to the sponsors Wooldridge Demolition and Goodwinch. com

Will and Ski, Team 19

A Marshalls View: Steve Gooding

After competing in some of 4x4 Adventures events over the past years I decided I wanted to have a go at Marshalling. I’ve always thought it to be a good idea as you get to see more of the action, but more importantly if there were no marshals 4x4 Adventures (as well as other challenges) would not be able to put on events, especially special stage events, so I thought I would put my name down.

After a 4 hour journey I arrived at the Wellington site. Some teams had already arrived and set up camp, so I decided to do the same.

It was an early start for the marshals briefing at 7:30 where James Trembath talked us through the schedule of events including scrutineering and the punch challenge. I would be helping Kevin Williams at Scrutineering making sure all teams have the essential kit as well as having the correct event stickers issued. I quite enjoyed it as you have a chance to look at all the team’s cars! Once all the trucks had been through scrutineering it was time for James to start the drivers briefing before the event started and for the marshals to make their way to the section they would be watching.

A lot of the punches were in tapped off areas and so our job was to make sure that competitors achieved the punch the correct way and not take sneaky short cuts. It all went quiet at 2pm as most of the vehicles had gone to the quarry which was another part of the site which had opened at 1pm which had a further 20 punches to collect.

At 4pm all vehicles had to be back at the campsite for their punch cards to be removed by James. At 5pm we were back at the campsite having collected all of the punches and tape from today’s sections.

The competitors now had 3 hours to make sure their vehicles was ready for the night stage navigation section which would comprise two A4 pages of navigational tulips which they had to follow correctly and record the marker posts which had numbers and letters on as they went round. Once all of the marshals were briefed we headed out to the stage before the competitors as it was getting dark!

James Trembath and I were set up at the finish line waiting for the first car (if any!) to cross the line so that we could record their time and see if they had recorded the markers in the correct order. Half and hour had passed but still no sign of any cars heading for the finish! The first vehicle we saw was Philon’s, so we got ready to record his time as he got to the finish, but he promptly stopped, turned around and headed back the other way, he had obviously took a wrong turn! The next hour saw people trickle across the finish line saying ‘we give up’, ‘we got lost’. Bob smith had a good run and found some extra markers, his score card read: A4, S3, WO, LV, ES!

A short while later the Wooldridge team crossed the finish line. James and I checked the score card, they had done it, they later went on to be the only team to successfully complete the night stage. By this time Tim Jones and Anthony Counsell were the only people left out there and the DNF time of 1 hour was fast approaching. A short while later Tim appeared and with a kind donation of some water from David Bowyer to fill the radiator Tim and Mark set off back to the camp site shortly followed by Anthony a while later. Well that was everyone accounted for so we could all head back to the campsite and sample some of Philon’s barbeque while chatting about the night stage!

It was another early start on Sunday for the special stages marshal briefing. We were all issued with stop watches and a score sheet and sent off to our locations. I had already walked my stage and found where it was, so I set off to find it once again!

As the finish line for SS3 was nowhere near the start another marshal covered the finish and I set vehicles off every 10 mins. There was a nice boggy bit at the start for the competitors to get stuck in to and for the other group members to watch and chat. Once everyone had completed the section it was time to collect the tape and head back to the campsite for lunch.

For the afternoon stages I managed to get a lift down to SS9 with Chris Watts as he was on SS10 next door. These stages were set on an incline and twisted up and down around trees. That sounds easy until you factor in a 100 point penalty for every tree touched! Yes, the competitors were not allowed to touch any trees throughout the course. I told every team about these rules and then closely followed them around the course watching to see if they touched any trees. Overall everyone did very well with only two teams scoring 100 penalty points.

Once everyone was through it was time to collect the tape and head back to camp to give James the scorecards. A short while later it was ready for the results and prize giving.

It had been a very packed and busy weekend, but I had thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely be marshalling at some of James event next year if I don’t enter them again myself. The special stage event on the Sunday brings with it a great social aspect as each of the small groups get to walk the stages together and chat amongst themselves while watching one another complete the stages.

Overall Results

STANDARD (Scores inc per class for punches)
1st Jerry Hunt & Kimi – 76%
2nd Bob & Dan Smith - 48%
3rd Anthony Counsell & Rich Denmead – 47%
4th Kevin Luxton & Rob Phillips - Bog Monsters - 14%

1st Martin & Derek Hounsell - 78%
2nd Nick Anderson & Ne Hudd - 77%
3rd Simon Crowe &Mike Robertson - 74%
4th Mark Grey &Martin Gilpin - 71%
5th Philon Parapottas & Dom Brione - 53%
6th Alex Parapottas & Rachel Welbourne - 52%
7th Andy Baker & Ade Richards - 50%
8th Paul Radford & Josh Jacobs - 49%
9th Eddie Hart & Mike Holliday - 48%
10th Jake Lloyd & Matt Elsmore - Team Devon4x4 - 41%
11th Malcolm Whitebread & Ross Wotherspoon - 31%
12th Cline & Luke Billing - 22.6%
13th Will Overton & Ski Haines - 22.1%
14th Tim Jones & Mark Morgan - 15%

Videos clips of the event...

Will Overton - Quarry drop in

Will Overton - SS5 and SS6

Nick Anderson - SS5

Some pictures from the event