4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wellington Drive Round Day – 5th August 12
Words Anthony Counsell and pictures by James Trembath

So as another one of James 's DRD days was about to start the heavens opened making the site very slippery and wet, but thankfully the guys who arrived were not shy. First we had Jay and Clive in their full body v8 range rover which had a new addition, a brand new never been turned David Bowyer Goodwinch tds, all wrapped in new shiny wire, second was Bill Turner in his recently purchased v8 90, then Nick Calcraft In his also recently purchased 90, who after years of off roading in his tow vehicle for the horses (a shogun) thought it time he bought a real machine. Finally we had Kevin Williams in his toy jeep, well it was small, but wow it was capable.

So to start the day we headed into the woods for tight corner, which tested a few hearts as the ground was very wet, Kevin making this look easy in his jeep, well apart from getting stuck... then stuck again. As we left we headed down to the wet corner, Kevin, Jay, and Nick opted to drive around this bit. Nick said he would of driven it but as his winch decided not to work (or so he said) he bypassed this section. Much to the annoyance of his codriver who was heard to be stating "this is what he came for". So this left only Bill in his v8 90 to lead the way, as he entered he made good progress until the step, which unfortunately ended in him winching, although it was a very valiant attempt. Nick in his 90 also found a very nice tree stump to get grounded on, calling Kevin in for the rescue in his jeep.

So as we entered the woods we were immediately created with a few bomb holes which were soon conquered. Carrying on, we encountered some nice little dips in some big puddles which had been created by the recent weather, luckily not that deep though as even the v8's and petrol’s were holding their own. A few fallen trees later, and James with his chainsaw making light work of the vegetation we headed back to the island to tackle some of the steeper sections.

The hill climbs were proving difficult in the conditions with the lead vehicle having to winch out of a section due to an offset chamber hole being created 2 weeks prior by a trying Jay in his Range Rover. This was also the first time Jay in his Range Rover got to use his winch, with the world’s longest strop, we were thinking of stripping the whole of Wellington as this thing was massive, and yellow, but would prove invaluable later on in the day. After everyone was through we thought it prudent to stop for lunch and a quick gathering of energy.

Post lunch we headed to the main hill climb sections of the Wellington sites, with the conditions a few of these climbs were proving difficult with James in his 90 even failing one (after quite a few attempts!) So after finding a way up, the rest of the cars followed, well, Bill, In his 90 followed, Kevin went around the track and found another way up, Clive and Jay in the range rover needing help from a winch, utilising the longest strop in the world as Bill’s rope was just not quite long enough, then Nick followed up in his 90 after two attempts, and a quick pull from Bill. As valour is the better part of discretion James opted to move to the bumps and dips region of Wellington but to get there we had one last climb left, James drove it initially bar the very top and then turned the truck around to aid the guys with his winch. First was Nick, followed by Kevin, then Clive and Jay, and with their big range rover needing a double pull, using their and James's winch, and last Bill, unfortunately for Bill something gave way in his rear axle due to truck’s aggressive tyres combined with std shafts and a V8! He unfortunately had to retire for the day.

As we entered the bumps and dips section we had the last winching section of the day as Nick got a bit of a slide on and ended up parking his car in a big rut, as he was winched out we headed up the hill and to the descents and dips, this proved very interesting to watch as all 3 trucks from a small jeep, to a full bodied range rover, all took different lines and all pulled though without any issues.

So as another day ended at the wellington site, it was good to see just how much this site changes with a sprinkling of water. The next one should be fun as a few ruts are slightly deeper, and a few puddles slightly wetter.... this is proving to be a very interesting site as it matures, and a few of us there are looking forward to the Interclub challenge!!!

Some pictures from the day