4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Bampton Drive Round Day – 30th August 15
Words and pictures by James Trembath

After a very busy and hectic Summer with a fair few competitions crewing for Jerry Hunt from Dirty Duck racing as part of the Gigglepin sponsored team we thought it was high time we put together another DRD. This time, which is unusual for the time of year we headed back to Bampton where we had a few new sections to try out.

It was great to catch up with the ‘usual crowd’ of Jeroen Van De Hooft, Martin Middleton, Tony Dunstone, Kevin Luxton, Keith Dare, and we were also joined by Richard Watson. Richard is no new comer to the DRDs and makes regular appearances with us in his trusty 200tdi 90. David Bowyer also came along to help act with guiding the group around, not that it helped much when his own (quite heavy) 90 became beached in Middle Wood! The photos do it far more justice! As was said at the time we have not had a vehicle stuck there before.

We a capable group we also took the opportunity to drive one of the seldom used quarries. We were las tin there around four years ago so it took some work to clear under growth and trees prior to the actual DRD itself. The work was certainly worth it. There is an entertaining option of a steep descent with limited traction (but a long run off) plus the option of a nice side slope on entering the woods and that’s before you get to the cross axle ditch exit – which as Keith in the video clip shows can be achieved with a fair bit of momentum!

It was great to be back in the meandering tracks and gulley’s that the site has to offer. The axle twist and old sunken river drive in Middle wood remained as challenging as ever, whilst the even Warm Up Woods with the recent track changes it has under gone had a great deal to offer.

Ground conditions were favourable throughout the day and the sun even managed to pop put for probably the first time this summer! In fact it was so warm that both Kevin and Tony both decided to take the plunge and very commendably drove through wet corner.

Although to sun did make a showing we didn’t venture as far out as Warrens Quarry where the wet grass would of made for an interesting exit strategy and would of being unnecessarily ripped up.

It was a cracking day, which with a great group gave us the options to explore a little further which added to the whole days adventure. Keep your eyes posted for details of our next excursions.

A video clip of the day...

Some pictures from the day