4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Bampton Drive Round Day – 5th February 17
Words and pictures by James Trembath

After a great deal of rain the few days leading upto the big day we were anticipating some particularly wet and slippery conditions – we were not to be disappointed!

With a small group, including Roger Crocker in his LWB Toyota joining us for the first time, and joining us after a short break, Shane Coats in his blue 110 td5. (The vehicle had been plagued with running problems which now resolved meant Shane was back out to enjoy it) we took the obligatory route to Warm Up woods after the meet and greet and safety brief.

Warm Up woods was certainly wet, conditions were slippery underfoot and tyre alike. It a great little place to come to terms with the ground conditions and a good eye opener of what to expect for the rest of the day. It also serves as a reminder to some of what to do when off roading! Hence the name – Warm Up! The woods itself was more respectful this week with little more than a small branch entangling itself with the underside of the lead vehicle. In other words we negotiated the woods without any lie downs, unlike the last venture! – Thank fully!

Preistlands provided some great driving, long blasts through the loggers tracks, some making it in one, some needing the odd winch or two. As you can see from the pictures one of the younger ones out for the day found that deep mud can take your wellies away too! There was some winching required by all that day, one little incline was just too much combined with the tree roots to make it unaided, despite the many valiant attempts!

Wet Corner we sensibly gave a miss. It is wet there on a dryish day so rather than tempt fate we bypassed the section instead driving the rutted tree sections around the corner on our way from some of the woodlands across to Warrens Hill area. The latter seemed pretty much unaffected by the rain and we were able to drive all the normal climbs and descents without fear of runaway, making it safe for all to do so.

We finished the day with the ‘Final’ drive. So called as it follows the path of an old water course down across the edge of some fields. A lovely meandering track with articulations and the odd tight spot or corner to negotiate keeping you on your toes to the very end!

Some pictures from the day