4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wellington Drive Round Day – 30th April 17
Words James Trembath and pictures by Edward Webber

A full complement of cars joined us at the Wellington site for our second foray of the season. On time and punctual the formalities of the day were read and we were off. With the impending rain coming at lunch time we made for the more open area of the Moor to get those tracks conquered early and hopefully dry!

The Moor is great place to start the day, nice tracks and routes that weave their way around to keep everyone on their toes with some tight trees, but easy enough to build up the day to the more challenging routes due to come later. Coming to near the end of the Moor route, the Mud run was on the left. Everyone was informed and given the opportunity to attempt or bypass as they wished. All bar Paul took the bypass. Paul lined up the Td5 Discovery and went for it, after a couple attempts of back and forth, he finally gave in and realised, that was as far as he was going to get. A couple of winch pulls and he was out and we were off again.

Throughout the Moor a few of the routes could prove a little too challenging, so the couple of the Series cars decided that they would bypass some of it to remove the risk of any panel damage. Something everyone was told about to be mindful of and people made their own decision to suit their vehicles.

Just before Midday we moved over to the ‘island’. The island has a vast array of different terrains and types of ground to cover. Steep hills, descents, tight woodland and technical driving. All this with the added rain that was starting to fall made for a great afternoon of off-roading. Some of the easier tracks were taken initially to gauge the ground and see how the rain was affecting the site. Once completed we headed for the new routes that had been opened up only a few weeks previous. A long descent with a tight right on the hill and into the trees. Everyone negotiated this surprisingly difficult turn with relative ease. A couple of winch pulls just after entering the trees were required for a few guys to get over the bank, the soft ground and the weather showing us that choice of line and commitment in the right place were the key! Just goes to show that watching the car in front does isn’t always the right way to go. Lunchtime was upon us and the tight dense tree cover made it a suitable place to stop with the downpour that was happening above us.

After a couple more loops in the tree, we headed for the famous ‘bumps and dips’ that the Wellington site has to offer. These showed that the old Series Land Rovers are more than capable of getting around with a little bit of thinking and commitment in the right areas and also knowing when gently does it is the key to success. A couple of other cars needed a winch to get out of the holes and again we were on our way. The rain was coming down very hard now meaning that the tracks were getting very slippery with the more the cars transited them. Some of the climbs at the bottom of the site required all bar two cars to winch up. The rain soaked mulch on the ground and the wet tree roots proving just a little too much. Quick winch pulls and everyone was up and on we went, meandering through the woods, the maze of tracks that crisscross the site, only metres to where we were 10 minutes before, but a different type of terrain altogether. One last climb and it was heading towards 1530, so a quick loop at the bottom with some faster flowing tracks, a good drive for everyone to finish on proved just what was needed for the day. The main points taken from the day where that a Series and Land Rover 90 all completely standard are more than capable of getting around 95% of the routes, with the added insurance of there being a bypass for all the routes shows that anything can make its way around the site with a little bit of thought. A great day had by all and everyone smiling at the end showing the fun that is had at a 4x4 Adventures day out.

Some pictures from the day