4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
DBORC Driving Course and Social Morning - 9th Feb 19
Words by James Treambath, Pictures by James Trembath and Richard Watson

We ran our second trip of the season at David Bowyers Off Road Centre last Saturday and what a great success it was. The day is aimed at any and everyone who enjoys getting out in their 4x4, or in the case of last weekend their 6x6 too with Scott’s pinzgauger!

We have been managing this site for running both driver and recovery training courses for the last 12 years. In fact the site was purpose built for driver training over 30years ago. The first of its kind. There is certainly something for everyone there. Being a driver training site it has the requisite main five off road criteria from a teaching perspective plus it has the options where you can experience the proper ‘failed hill’ climb or really do have to use advanced driving techniques to complete the track/section. The course was not built to showcase vehicles, it was built to teach people the principles and show them what happens when perhaps it doesn’t go as first expected. All this is conducted with safety in mind.

These Social Morning sessions are run to get people out and about in their vehicles and to use them. They are designed for people that have a 4x4 and can use diff locks and low range. It’s a great opportunity to explore your vehicles capabilities with help and advice on hand with a bunch of like-minded people. We are running these mornings at the introductory price of £25 per vehicle. Your lunch is on top if you wish to stay after the driving.

Some testimonials from 9 Feb 19:

Adam Dowdle: This is a great morning out for those who haven’t really used their vehicle to its’ full potential. Having not really gone off road that often, I was slightly concerned that I would dink my 110. After two or so hours of some tough climbs and some big axle movements, there was no damage at all. The guys are always on hand to advise and actually James Trembath personally advised me not to take my truck on the more challenging ‘Drive Round Day’ and that this particular morning was more suitable to my truck and my experience. He could have taken my money and I could have had a broken truck. That says it all for me. Highly recommended!

Duncan Moir:Well...!! That was a blast! Having had a meet and a coffee at the pub, and a moment eyeing up the great range of well-prepped Landies, we set off for the test ground. The instruction to be in lo, with diffs locked, from the moment we went through the gate, was well made, as we were immediately presented with a wonderfully challenging, well prepared area of ground, with a whole range of obstacles, mud-baths, ponds, gradients, lumps and bumps, more than sufficient to occupy us until a very welcome lunch back at the pub. The event was really well handled, with attention, but no interference. Newbies were made to feel most welcome and left feeling like experts. Getting stuck was no drama, and extraction guidance was forthcoming and usually spot-on! Many thanks James and David, from me and from three small, hugely enthusiastic nine-year-olds, who all thoroughly enjoyed the day. Having my ear bent already, both for a return visit and a 90 with a lift!

Richard Watson (repeat customer): Thanks for a great morning out James, I do like David’s site as there's enough to provide a challenge but not too much to bump into! Nice friendly group and great to finally see the Pinz get its tyres

Some pictures from the morning