4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
DBORC Driving Course and Social Morning - 20th Apr 19
Words and Pictures by James Trembath

Easter Saturday, there was no better a day to plan to go off roading! Glorious weather, a good selection of Land Rovers and we were joined by Mike Trott from the Landy Mag (article to follow) That’s also why we had to limit the entry to Land Rovers!

We had a return of the regulars for this 2-3 hr social event. Post our meet at the pub and safety briefing we headed off on course with David taking the lead. We also had one of our instructors on hand throughout the morning, Dave Parr, to offer guidance and some tuition as required to help everyone around the course.

The course doesn’t look challenging from the outset but there are some tricky, misleading parts that can be tackled. There were two climbs that no one made it to the top of, (who was keen enough to attempt them that was) and there were several other climbs that resulted in plenty of failed climb manoeuvres!

One of the greatest benefits of the course is the close proximity of all the tracks. Having followed David around on his various convoy routes people have the option to tackle the course and areas as they see fit. There is nothing ‘out of bounds’ as it were but you must keep a sensible head on. Some of the sections are not driven for specific reasons! (like the winch training areas!)

Following lots of banter, photographs and general off road fun its back to the pub for a meal (prebooked at the 0900 meet) so no waiting around straight in and straight to your food!

A great morning, something for everyone for all types of 4x4.

Some pictures from the morning