4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wellington Drive Round Weekend - 27th/28th Apr 19
Words, Pictures and Videos by James Trembath

Our Wellington site is a superb setup and a complete contrast to our Bampton site which is why the two of them work so well hand in hand with each other. Having not frequent the site that much over the winter it was time to book in a camping weekend and head on up to prove the routes for the upcoming Drive Round Day on the 19 May 19.

With a good compliment of vehicles, Scott in his Pinzguager, Richard Watson in Tgv auto 90, Kevin Williams in his CJ7 and Tim Jones and Ian Stokes with their td5 and tdi 90s we had the making of a good capable vehicle selection.

We knew the ‘normal’ if they can be called that drive round routes would all be workable, what we wanted to do was having proved all these to be viable, open up some new challenging routes to keep everyone entertained with new sections bringing new challenges.

The Island proved as testing as ever, some struggling a little more than others, Richard, following in Kevin’s footsteps finding one of the gentler climbs extremely challenging, even with plenty of run ups (is it not 3 attempts we give it Richard!) Luck came through and he made it in the end wearing his new committed boots and face!

We found the limits of standard CVs with Scott vehicle and his ‘approach’ to ‘gentle’ driving – maybe it was all just wear and tear over the last few years but it certainly shows not all routes should be tackled both ways! Luckily we had enough seats spare so Scott could still join us around the site.

We reopened the long drop down through the ‘Archers Avenue’ the ground there is firm, its just firm a fair way down through the pine needles! Clearing some brash as we went we manged to create some nice new challenging sections for those wishing to push it that little further within the group.

The Moor was a classic as ever. Plenty of trees down at the top end which promptly sorted themselves out returning upright once the top had been reduced. Despite the particularly dry ground of the Island the Moor had its wet challenging spots, Sam’s Pond and Sam’s Corner proving testing as ever. We took the time to open some new routes down around the duck ponds plus managed to reopen the interlocking tracks joining in some of the more testing areas of the more.

All in a cracking weekend with one site camping and a good opportunity to get everyone out and about, socially mixing and enjoying the benefits of great off roading with no rush home! The routes all opened up there is now plenty on site to suit all capability, vehicles and abilities.

Some pictures from the weekend