4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wellington Drive Round Day – 19th May 19
Words and Pictures by James Trembath

Our first Drive Round Day of the season at Wellington and what a day! Russell’s series conquering hills no other vehicles could master, Peter 90s not breaking anything, the sun out all day, Kevin Luxton having no winch rope and driving everything (ok less one tiny little bit), Tony’s winch working for a whole pull, new routes explored and driven to the max, Mike Cuff lasting all day (nearly...) and Scott not falling over in his keenness!

We really did have a great day. Everyone made it around the routes with plenty of challenging terrain and plenty of bypass options. It was great to have James and Abi along in their white 90TDI who joined us for their first time with 4x4Adventures. James was keen to give most things a go and his well proven truck lapped up the challenges presented. He’s also quite keen on winching so we were able to facilitate that need as well!

I stupidly forgot to bring Kevin’s winch rope back after a re-splice which meant he had to drive everything, which he did, all less one small climb out of a wet hole towards the end of the day.

Tony and Mike put in some sterling efforts and as Scott commented during the day, its great to have Mike along being everyone’s Co-driver! Thank you Mike from all the drivers, much appreciated.

Russell in his series had a fantastic day, driving some hard sections and although not making them look easy he did succeed more times than most, particularly on the last climb of the day when no one else did it in one. Well done Russell.

The most credit though must go to Peter in his standard bikini topped tdi 90 on not especially aggressive MTs (235/85s) who drove very well throughout the whole day on his first proper outing at Wellington on his own. Well done Peter, you certainly did make a lot of sections look easy and drove a fair bit that others were resorting to far more aids than yours vehicle has fitted!

We had opened up quite a few new routes around the site on the previous Drive Round Weekend, and still only managed 50% of them this time out! Well there is still the middle of June to contend with for those wanting to push themselves beyond the normal – Lots of side slopes I think Tony mentioned he was after...

Some pictures from the day