4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Wellington Drive Round Weekend - 12th/13th Oct 19
Words and Pictures by James Trembath

With our Drive Round Weekends proving ever popular we decided to put on another slightly later in the season weekend to suit those dedicated camping members who wanted to continue their off roading and camping excursions. This weekend had a slight variation in that we had some new routes we wanted to create up at our Wellington Site where we were revisiting the quarry that we have not been using for the last 6 or 7 years.

The other slight twist on the weekend was it was going to be a part work weekend in that work parties were needed to help clear some the brash off routes from the recent felling down on the moor plus we have the aforementioned quarry routes that we wanted to open. With the site open from Friday lunch time and running through until Sunday lunch time there was plenty of opportunity for people to come and go as they pleased for example Kevin Luxton who having seen the weather was not keen on camping, he came up and joined us Saturday morning went home Saturday night and returned again to help on Sunday. Likewise Richard Watson in his TGV auto 90 turned up Saturday morning with his brother John but they were keen enough to spend the night camping before departing Sunday lunchtime.

After we had set up camp on Friday we had a rough plan of action drawn up and were ready for the off soon after 0930 on Saturday morning. We headed down to the quarry where after an hour or so proving the existing routes to get people into the mood of driving we headed up to top section that has been seldom used in recent years. With many hands making light work we were not there much more than 90 minutes before people were going back-to collect the vehicles to test out some the new routes. Scott in particular was very keen to be the 1st drivers many of the sections as he could and show the water was not as deep as people thought and some the bogs were actually drivable! Tim may of lost a bet here!

As with the flow of any camping and relaxing weekend we then headed back for some lunch. This scene turned into an extended lunch day before we were back out at 3:15 with Richard having nipped off to Halfords for some much needed tools! Anything to keep the wheels turning! We headed up on to the island to start adding some new routes into already-existing proven testing ground .

With the light drawing to a close it was back-to the campsite again where the rain soon joined us and was pretty much unrelenting all the way through the evening, and the night, and most of the following morning. Undeterred the word party was seen on their feet for Sunday morning helping to clear 400 to 500 meters section of brush and lead us down from the campsite to Samís pond. Thankfully Nick had has waterproof shorts and crocs onÖÖ essential off roading gear it seems!

Once clear of the pond a little bit more work was required as we headed on down to Samís corner and the old river crossing in the bottom section. We then spent the rest of the morning testing out some the other routes and letting everybody have a good drive to repay the work of earlier. To finish the morning off and before we stopped again for lunch and would effectively be the end of the day we just took in the final tight corner. A pretty horrible corner on the wet slippery conditions, tree roots making it particularly hard with a little drop-off to the left hand side, very unnerving.

Following this is a cross over to the short rhododendron drive. Some people manage to do in it one, some people took a couple of goes and some had to winch themselves all the way down-hill to the start of it, round a corner and more most of the way backup it. It just goes to show how the ground can change making things harder with the passage of vehicles. With a lot easier routes been cleared and a great deal of driving, plus most importantly a good fun relaxing work weekend it was time to call it a-day. We headed back to camp for lunch and where people merrily packed away the rest of their kit before heading on home.

Some pictures from the weekend