4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Bampton Drive Round Day – 26th Jan 20
Words and Pictures by James Trembath

Whenever we make the decision to head to Slipper Side Slope woods – it always then rains! Slippery Side Slopes became an understatement! I don’t recall ever having to winch all the way along the lower return side slope and prune a little more as we were going too! It was certainly challenging, a little too challenging for Russell who broke an indicator lens and a side light lens! – they were on his side of the truck though, rather than his daughters side so was ultimately his error! Martyn Middleton made light work of the way in following the tracks of Scott. Both driving capable vehicles with the taller 255. 85 MTs – check out the FB videos of them powering through the deep muddy rutted entrance sections to the woods!

With the vehicles suitably muddy and the track complete, after everyone had tried out their winches and proved how useful they were we headed off to First long Drop and a spot of lunch. With a pheasant pen now going across part of the track we have limited access here now but with the season coming to an end it was all back to normal and the descent was open! It’s a long old drop down through the woods. The ground conditions were surprisingly good given the weather conditions, but even sliding down the ruts keep you in place and there is a nice gentle run out at the bottom should it all go a little wrong!

Using the byway and farm tracks to link in the sections soon had us up to Top wood and a quick drive by recce to check out the ground conditions for our upcoming Drive Round Weekend, looks like it may be a wet there too! With Middle wood calling we took on the rutted angled climbs with enthusiasm before dropping down through the axle twists and the course of the old sunken river. A very testing bit of ground where you need to keep your lines right and take it steady. We will always offer guidance through here and forewarn new members prior to entering the section, so a bypass can be taken, if desired. Coming out into the fields at the bottom we met up with Tim, who had taken the bypass, to then head back up through the lost route before tacking Kris’ mud run. The latter being a new section added in Nov 19. A good 80m blast through the mud before taking on a tight corner at the end and slight inclination to get back up to the starting point. A good bit of fun requiring plenty of momentum from the off! Paul and Scott both had good run ups and determination through here, a short winch at the end to pop the front of the vehicle up around the corner and you are home dry – so to speak!

Even with a slightly smaller group than usual and covering a fair amount of the tracks on offer the time, as ever has disappeared. One quick group photo at the end, less Martyn who had had to leave slightly early to get back home, and its planning underway for the next outing!

Some pictures from the day