4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Challenge Training Day Vehicle Requirements
Tyres: Advised 255/85 (or equivalent) MT tread pattern tyres (7.50 or 235/85R16 min size), no Simex!

Winches: At least one working winch per vehicle.

Snorkel: Advisable in order to drive all the sections (although note that any of the sections can be missed out/driven around if you want to give it a miss).

MOT/TAX: Vehicle must be road legal, that is current MOT, taxed and insured as public roads will be used to link sections.

First Aid Kit: Each vehicle is to have a first aid kit.

Recovery Points: Your vehicle must have suitable front and rear recovery points to enable winches to be used to extract stuck vehicles.

Recovery Kit: You are advised to bring your standard off road recovery equipment including waffles. At a minimum; shackles, tree strops, gloves, shovel, winch sail, snatch block will be needed. Ground anchors are NOT required.