4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Training Courses
4x4 Adventures offer three training courses, Driver Training Days, Recovery Training Days and the very specialised Challenge Training Days. All days are arranged by James Trembath, the highly regarded and experienced founder of 4x4 Adventures and are held at the well known David Bowyer’s Off-Road Driving Centre, formely the Goodwinch site. 4x4 Adventures involvement with the centre started in 2008, however the centre first opened in 1986, when it was one of the first of its kind. Since 1986 more than 10,000 drivers have been trained, including the police, emergency and utility services. The centres course was not built to showcase vehicles, it was built to teach people the principles and show them what happens when perhaps it doesn’t go as first expected. James draws on both his mechanical and workshop experience; which when combined with his ten years working for Land Rover Experience as a Senior Instructor plus eight years on the National and International 4x4 challenge scene gives people a pretty unique training period.

If the idea of attending a training course seems abit daunting, for those looking to try out some off road driving, meet James and discuss requirements, 4x4 Adventures hold David Bowyer’s Off Road Course Driving and Social Event at David Bowyer’s Off-Road Driving Centre. Very competively priced at just £40 for 2 people in one vehicle, as well as meeting James, you will meet David, the owner and creator of David Bowyer’s Off-Road Driving Centre. David, like James has a wealth of experience. From a driving perspective he has been researching and driving green lanes for over thirty years throughout the whole of Wales, Cumbria, Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire and Northumberland. From a recovery perspective he founded Goodwinch many years ago, and although he sold the business in 2018, he knows a thing or two on the winching front.

Focusing on the Driver and Recovery Training, the courses can either be taken individually, or back to back at a discounted rate. The days are tailored to suit attendee’s specific needs and level of experience, ranging from new drivers to those who simply need a refresher or are changing vehicles. Despite the increased sophistication of four-wheel-drive vehicles, owners soon realise off-road driving involves more than just good luck and hope! The purpose made training course at David Bowyer's Off-Road Driving Centre is laid out over private ground, it is around one and a half miles in length and carefully designed to mimic the types of terrain that maybe encountered. This allows instruction on topics such as steep ascents and descents, side slopes, deep water and mud, rocky terrain, ditches, gullies, rutted tracks. We also instruct on the use of transfer boxes and vehicles specific aids such as Hill descent, terrain response, gradient release control, selectable four wheel drive.

Participants have the choice of either using their own vehicle (recommended) or hiring a winch equipped Landrover 90 or 110. Over the years James and his team have been exposed to many different brands and models of 4x4, encompassing not only the Land Rover, Discovery and Range Rover family, where James gained his experience working with Land Rover Experience for 10 years but also with the likes of Toyota and Ford which many of the bigger utility companies now favour.

Driver Training Days are £255 and cover the following topics: basic off road driving introduction through to advanced driving techniques, teaching partipants to handle, failed hill climbs, ascents/descent, wading, mud and rut driving and side slopes.

Recovery Training Days are £305 and cover the following topics: introduction to vehicle self-recovery using Ladder Jacks (Hi-Lift), Ropes and Tirfors, before moving onto vehicle mounted winching systems and single/double line winch pulls.

The combined cost of the two days is £560, if the days are booked consecutively the cost is £500 in the participants own vehicle.

Partipants are advised to wear suitable clothing for driving and should bring some waterproofs as they will be out walking some of the sections, unfortunately we can't control the weather! Outdoor footwear will be required, preferably something partipants don't mind getting muddy but not wellies as they are hard to drive properly in and become very slippery on pedals when wet. Partipants should also bring some lunch/snacks and cold drinks as required. Tea and Coffee will be available at the Offroad Centre.

For local accommodation we recommended the Waie Inn, they will also provide packed lunches if requested. On completion of the course participants will be provided with a 4x4 Adventures course completion certificate. The days fee includes exclusive use of the off-road course, the course is never double booked, and is based on upto 2 people sharing the day in your own vehicle. That is to say one instructor to a maximum of two students for the same price as 1:1. Alternatively you can pre-book the course for driver training with up to six people should you have a group or club that wish to undertake formal instruction. All our instructors are either LANTRA, Landrover Experience or BORDA qualified.

We strongly recommend that participants use thier own vehicle to obtain the best understanding of its specific characteristics and how it handles in the ‘rough’. All the necessary recovery gear and winching equipment will be provided if required. If a participant would like to use a 4x4 Adventures vehicle (winch equipped Land Rover 90 or 110) there is an additional hire fee of £100+VAT.

To discuss your requirements and to make a booking please contact us.