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What's Happening in 2016
Building on 9 years of experience, in 2016 we are going to continue our focus towards providing quality day and weekend based events, where people can expect to give their vehicles a full work out in a safe environment, with expert guidance, support and recovery on hand should it be required.

In addition to Drive Round Days, Drive Round Weekends, Wales Laning Days, Challenge Training Days and 4x4 Training/Self Recovery Days, we have introduced a new event, The Big Outdoors. BOD is a bi-annual event held in the Black Mountains to the North of Abergavenny and is aimed at owners of any type of vehicle, whether a motorbike, a 4x4, an expedition truck, or even something more exotic. The common denominator is a passion for travel and a love for the great outdoors, combined with a wish to meet and relax with like minded people. Building on BOD 1, held in May, BOD 2 is being run on 13th-16th Oct. For further details please vist the BOD website.

Drive Round Days and their extended counter part Drive Round Weekends are proving as popular as ever, they provide a great opportunity for people to get out and about and push their vehicles (if they wish!) to the limit over a wide variety of terrain. To keep things fresh and not wanting to disappoint our regulars, we have been developing some new routes at both the Bampton and Wellington sites.

For those of you who appreciate spectacular views and a bit of pampering in a luxury spa hotel, we offer Wales Laning and Social Weekends.

2016 versions of these events have already been announced and are filling up with booking in full swing. Events are suitable for a road legal vehicle, cater for all levels of vehicle preparation and personal experience.

If you are interested in competitions, we continue to offer Challenge Training Days. The days are intended to give you the skills and pace of what’s required to do well at various competitive challenge events, events that are becoming ever more complex. With our diverse range of experience from racing at King Of Valleys in the UK through to Tulip routes in Croatia, not to mention the ‘odd’ punch hunt or special stage events we have the skills sets to help prepare you for whatever competition you wish to undertake from map reading to route planning to winch rigging to driving, we will can cover it all. As well as new people, we are getting repeat attendees as people develop new vehicles and take on new team mates.

Drive Round Days, Drive Round Weekends and Wales Laning and Social Weekends dates are published on the diary page or can be arranged upon request for a private groups.
In 2015 James Trembath of 4x4 Adventures and Will McKean were fortunate enough to be selected to compete on behalf of Land Rover Experience Westcountry at the first Land Rover Experience Instructors Global Trek Event (LR Trek) held at Eastnor Castle. Following their win they were asked by LRE Westcountry if we could provide a training day for the 2016 competitors, Phil and Neil. Read more...
Held in March 2015 at Eastnor Castle, James Trembath of 4x4 Adventures and Will McKean won the first LR Trek Event, a very worthy successor too previous Land Rover sponsored competitions such as the Camel Trophy and G4 challenge. The LR Trek Event is invite only for LR Experience Instructors who compete against teams from around the world; it allows the instructors to demonstrate their skills in a wide variety of scenarios. Read more...