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During 2019 we continue to run our ever popular Drive Round Days and their extended counter part Drive Round Weekends which provide a sound grounding to take your 4x4 Driver or Recovery training a stage further with us.
In 2015 James Trembath of 4x4 Adventures and Will McKean were fortunate enough to be selected to compete on behalf of Land Rover Experience Westcountry at the first Land Rover Experience Instructors Global Trek Event (LR Trek) held at Eastnor Castle. Following their win they were asked by LRE Westcountry if we could provide a training day for the 2016 competitors, Phil and Neil. Read more...
During 2019 we continue to run our ever popular Wales laning and Social weekends. First started in 2012 at the request of the Defender 2 forum they have always been fully booked. We typically run one public event in February, other events on a "as requested" basis. Events are suitable for a road legal vehicle, cater for all levels of vehicle preparation and personal experience. More details...
During 2019 we will be continuing our 10 year working relationship with the highly regarded David Bowyer’s Off-Road Driving Centre. Here you can join us for 4x4 Driver and Recovery Training. Since opening back in 1986 more than 9,000 drivers have been trained, including the police, emergency and utility services. More details...