4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
The following are a selection of comments from 4x4 owners who have attended recent 4x4 Adventures events and training. For further examples and to make contact with other 4x4 owners please visit our facebook page.

Aaron Langan, LowRange Adventure, Training, 6th Feb 19

I completed a training course with James at 4x4 Adventures along with my assistant leader to broaden our knowledge of off-road driving and find out what we might have missed after +10 years of self taught 4x4 driving. After founding a new company specialising in UK and Overseas guided expeditions I needed to find a specialist with a track record of expert training to ensure my clients are in the best hands while out on tour with us. Several individuals pointed me in the direction the David Bowyer Off Road Centre so it had to be the choice despite being a five hour drive away. James tailored the course with an understanding of the nature of my business and gave some very useful advice extending beyond that of an off-road instructor. He proved techniques I had always believed to be myth are very much effective with the correct application and he goes above and beyond to share additional advice and experiences. The off-road course itself is expertly crafted and gives a realistic concept of what you find in the real world unlike others I’ve seen rustled up in a hurry with a mini digger. Thank you James for the training and David Bowyer for his fantastic off-road course. We will definitely be back in two years for a refresher.

Adam Dowdle, David Bowyer’s Off Road Course Driving and Social Morning, 9th Feb 19

This is a great morning out for those who haven’t really used their vehicle to its’ full potential. Having not really gone off road that often, I was slightly concerned that I would dink my 110. After two or so hours of some tough climbs and some big axle movements, there was no damage at all. The guys are always on hand to advise and actually James Trembath personally advised me not to take my truck on the more challenging ‘Drive Round Day’ and that this particular morning was more suitable to my truck and my experience. He could have taken my money and I could have had a broken truck. That says it all for me. Highly recommended!

Duncan Moir, David Bowyer’s Off Road Course Driving and Social Morning, 9th Feb 19

Well...!! That was a blast! Having had a meet and a coffee at the pub, and a moment eyeing up the great range of well-prepped Landies, we set off for the test ground. The instruction to be in lo, with diffs locked, from the moment we went through the gate, was well made, as we were immediately presented with a wonderfully challenging, well prepared area of ground, with a whole range of obstacles, mud-baths, ponds, gradients, lumps and bumps, more than sufficient to occupy us until a very welcome lunch back at the pub. The event was really well handled, with attention, but no interference. Newbies were made to feel most welcome and left feeling like experts. Getting stuck was no drama, and extraction guidance was forthcoming and usually spot-on! Many thanks James and David, from me and from three small, hugely enthusiastic nine-year-olds, who all thoroughly enjoyed the day. Having my ear bent already, both for a return visit and a 90 with a lift!

Richard Watson (Repeat Customer), David Bowyer’s Off Road Course Driving and Social Morning, 9th Feb 19

Thanks for a great morning out James, I do like David’s site as there's enough to provide a challenge but not too much to bump into! Nice friendly group and great to finally see the Pinz get its tyres dirty!

Mike Hedley, Wales Social laning weekend, 4th Mar 19

What a cracking weekend in Wales with 4x4 Adventures.co.uk on a green laneing and social spa trip, Staying at Metropole Hotel inLlandrindod Wells where most had used some or all of the facilities on offer. Following a meet up in the bar on Saturday evening with the other 4 x 4 enthusiasts who were taking part, and the team leading the event, we all had lovely meal with lots of chat and a briefing as what was happening the following day. People had come from far and wide, South Devon, Yorkshire and Kent being just a few. Sunday morning following breakfast and a briefing in the car park the two teams set off, some going North to do the lanes up there first, and then loop down south, whilst other team went South first heading north during the day, everyone was going to do the same lanes but at different times and sometimes in opposite directions. The weather was a little inclement to get many good long ranging photos as storm Freya was heading towards our location so at times was bit wet and overcast, however all the lanes used had a stone/rock surface so were environmentally friendly with no damage being done by the passage of the vehicles. I am sure I speak for all who took part in this event that was most enjoyable, and to thank Tim, Scott, Steve and Mark for giving us all a great trip, James could not be present as had slipped a disk on the few days before the event and was unable to join us.

Dylan Featherstone, Land Rover Series 2 Club, Wales Social laning weekend, 4th Mar 19

James, sorry that you couldn't make it at the weekend. Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for a good weekend. I'm terrible with names but your guys leading us in the red 110 were very good and we both enjoyed it.

Russell Doidge, Wales Social laning weekend, 4th Mar 19

Just a quick one to check in. I heard you’ve slipped a disk in your back, I hope you’re fighting fit again soon!! Huge thanks to you and your team for this weekend!! The route clearance was a great insight into some of the prep that goes into these events!! The lads were very welcoming and as always passing out advice!! It was an awesome weekend as was the last event in Feb ‘18. I’m glad we had better weather this year (no snow) and we got to do strata Florida!! What a lane that is!! Once again, massive thanks for the organising and here’s to looking forward to your next event!!

Adam Kershaw, Wales Social laning weekend, 4th Mar 19

A good day had by Dexter and myself. Great to have been able to put into practice some of the training.

Haydn and Andora Glanvill, Wales Social laning weekend, 4th Mar 19

Dear James, What a brilliant weekend that was. Your chaps did you proud as did the hotel. We were looked after so well and met some wonderful people. We await details of other trips.

Jim Lunny, David Bowyer’s Off Road Course Driving and Social Morning, 9th Mar 19

We had a great time, couldn’t recommend it enough. Challenging course but with plenty of drive arounds. Learnt loads, had tons of fun and had zero damage. Will be back.

Brad Wills, David Bowyer’s Off Road Course Driving and Social Morning, 9th Mar 19

A great morning out on a fantastic course. Some nice steep hills, plenty of water and mud to play in. Great venue, great team and great lunch after! We Will be back!