4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Vehicle Requirements
Tyres: Minimum Mud Terrain tread pattern tyres, No All Terrains, Height Size restrictions: 235/85R16 minimum height wise and 33" maximum height size (Ie 255/85R16 or equivalent), no Simex, Boggers, Fedimas, Insa or similar copies..

Winches: Not essential but a nice to have, ideally we try and ensure there is a winch between two vehicles.

Snorkel: Advisable in order to drive all the sections (although note that any of the sections can be missed out/driven around if you want to give it a miss).

MOT/TAX: Your vehicle MUST be road legal, that is a current MOT, plus taxed and insured as public roads will be used to link sections. Please be advised that everything you drive you can opt out of (with some reversing) there is a risk of vehicle damage.

First Aid Kit: You MUST have a first aid kit in your vehicle.

Fire Extinguisher: You MUST have a serviceable, minimum 1L fire extinguisher in your vehicle.

Recovery Points: Your vehicle MUST have suitable front and rear recovery points to enable winches to be used to extract stuck vehicles.

Recovery Kit: You are advised to bring your standard off road recovery equipment, shovel, any winching associated kit.

Personal Items: A pair of stout boots, (walking or similar), waterproofs, thermos, and some lunch.