4x4 Adventures Ltd Taunton, Somerset
Driver Training Days
Driver Training Days start with a 09:00am meet at the Waie Inn in Zeal Monochorum. Although the training is conducted at David Bowyers Off Road Centre, the Center is not always the easiest to find, the Waie Inn is well signposted and an ideal meeting point.

From the Waie Inn we move to the offroad centre and start the day with an introduction to the vehicle and go through basic off road vehicle preparation. We will then talk through the theory behind offroad driving and demonstrate the techniques that will allow participants to safely negotiate the kind of terrain they will encounter in the UK, before the partipants put the theory into practice. This typically starts with failed hill climbs before moving onto ascents and descents, mud and rut driving, wading and side slopes. The bulk of the morning is quite an intense learning package, all conducted at a pace to suit the partipants needs and experience.

We break for lunch before heading back out to recap the teaching points and put into further practice the skills learnt during the morning. As the afternoon progresses we move onto advanced off driving techniques such as driving for secondary obstacles, deep rut driving, cadence braking and left foot brake work. Participants can expect the day to finish between 3:30pm and 4:00pm, although timings are flexible to suit.